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Graffiti Diarios

Diaries written by the author over several years when he returned home after exploring and taking photos of what he saw. He narrates in an agile and direct way the adventures that happened to him when he went out to take photos. The sites he visited are very varied: roads, abandoned warehouses, factories, bridges, tunnels, sound systems, sports centers... which makes it a very valuable documentary record for future generations. The text also includes anecdotes, thoughts and memories, which makes it a fun and entertaining book. The result is a 632-page book, with 2,000 photos and a lot of text, with hundreds of writers quoted. He mainly shows works on walls in his city (Madrid) and suburbs, but there are also community productions, trucks, trains, silver and some trains from Rome, Amsterdam or NY, all taken from his huge collection of archives.

Author: Felipe Gálvez
Publisher: Swinton & Grant
Language: Spanish
Pages: 632
ISBN: 978-84-09-48883-4

Madrid Spain