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Grafflibrary is a collaborative database for graffiti publications, focused on magazines and books. It aims to familiarize collectors with all graffiti publications out there, track their collection and allow them to contribute by uploading publications, information, or images, creating a central overview instead of numerous individual lists.


The information about magazines was build upon a list by @149st_graffiti and graffiti.org, but these lists were unappealing and not very dynamic. Additionally, many old magazines cannot be found online and their covers are unknown, making it difficult for collectors to know what they're searching for. That's where Grafflibrary comes in. The database is regularly updated by fellow collectors worldwide.


Contributions to the database can be made by sending information via email or by contacting us to become an editor. We also welcome background information like country of origin, publisher, website, ISBN, publication year, description, etc. To confirm the existence of a new publication, please provide a cover image. If you have a scanner, that's ideal, but a well-taken picture from above using a smartphone or camera will also suffice. Furthermore, this website was built using Django, and if you have web development experience and would like to contribute, don't hesitate to reach out.

@realitijd           [email protected]


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We do not encourage any illegal acts. This database is for documentation only.